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LMB Design 2012


In the past, most people when redesigning a room would throw all their furniture and furnishings out and start again, buying everything new. However, more and more people are starting to appreciate that creating a more eclectic look that incorporates some new items, as well as existing items can create a much more unique and interesting space to live. A room can be further enlivened by the careful choice of one or two antique or vintage items.

We source an interesting range of small pieces of antique furniture, such as chairs, footstools, and side tables, as well as a quirky range of vintage fabrics and accessories.

Some pieces displayed have already undergone full refurbishment including french polishing and reupholstery. Others are left in their raw state to provide the option to take away a piece and restore it yourself. Alternatively, we can arrange restoration to your specification. We have an extensive knowledge of the history of textile design and can advise on suitable fabrics to complement the period of any piece.

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