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LMB Design 2012


Would you love to have vases of fresh flowers every day in your home but find the cost prohibitive? We acknowledge that artificial flowers can never rival the real thing, but, if well chosen, they can provide a very cost effective way of lifting an exisiting room scheme or providing the finishing touches to a newly decorated room. At LMB Design we stock a stunning range of beautifully crafted, life-like, artificial flowers.

Much like any florist, we have an ever changing variety of blooms and foliage to complement any room scheme and colour palette. And if you find it difficult to know what flowers to combine in a display, or you would like assistance making up a bouquet for a gift, we can give you the professional advice you need. We can even wrap your bouquet in cellophane and a matching ribbon to form an attractive gift.

To complement your chosen flowers we also have a wide selection of vases and jugs to display them in ranging from contemporary to traditional styles.

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