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LMB Design 2012

why engage an interior designer?

Many people assume that redesigning a room at home or in a commercial space is an easy task, and hence never consider calling in the services of a professionally trained Interior Designer. However, at some point in your life you have probably fallen into the trap of making costly mistakes early on in a project such as the 'bargain' sofa that you now hate but constrains the design of your space. This normally results in making compromises and when the room is complete, it is often not as you first imagined it.

Even if you admit to yourself that you need some professional assistance, you probably think that Interior Designers only work on large projects with even larger budgets! Well, although this is true of many Interior Designers, especially those based in London, here at LMB Design we are very much aware of the fact that our customers and clients have financial limitations. Hence we offer a range of good value design advisory packages to suit most budgets, with no hidden costs.

If you are still unsure as to why you might need an Interior Designer, why not read some of our testimonials.

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