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You will probably recognise many of our brands such as Mulberry, Sanderson and Harlequin. However, we also have some exclusive brands that, outside of London, are difficult to find such as Nya Nordiska, Walcot House and Lelievre.

We frequently visit trade shows in London to research design trends and identify new brands hitting the market to ensure that our customers are always kept abreast of what is happening in the world of design. To this end we generally introduce at least three new brands every year.

Listed below are some of the other quality brands that we showcase, but if you do not see what you are looking for, why not ask if we can start stocking your favourite brand:

Farrow & Ball, Designers Guild, Romo, James Brindley, Abraham Moon, Morris & Co, Linwood, The Bradley Collection, Clarke & Clarke and BN Wallcoverings.

So whether you want to stick to a brand you know and love, or want to be a little adventurous and try something a bit different, we’re sure to have what you are looking for.

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